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Story Of Bhuwan Who Went Overseas To Earn For Orphans (Published in Nepalnews)


Foreign job seekers usually have a dream for oversees for their family's bright future but this may be untrue at times. Though surprising but true, Koteshowr's resident, Bhuwan Parajuli left his family and his work back home almost a decade ago to earn an extra money to provide better education and better lives for the orphans he has been taking care of.


He is in Canada at present. It is surprising to note his deeds when his contemporaries are busy enjoying life here. According to his wife, Nirmala Parajuli, he has been working day and night to earn money to send back home for the children. Due to uncertainty in the country (frequent band and strike), the future of the children remain blur, so, he sought jobs abroad.


 He established the organisation in the name of his mother, Late Sushila Parajuli, few years ago for orphan and abandoned children. The organisation has 10 children from different places like Sindhupalchowk, Rautahat, Dhanusa and Kabrepalanchowk, said Bhuwan Parajuli, the Chairperson. He commits to look after the children on his own, which has been set up as a good example to the NGOs who depend on donors.

The children, who comprise of 6 boys and 4 girls, reside at a rented house at Sinamangal. The expenses of food, clothes, educational materials, health, house rent amount to Rs 40,000 a month, the Chairperson added. They study at a private school and are looked upon by one male and female.


His mother died when he was just three years old. So he attempts to foster love to the one's who lost their parents and believes that such deeds should be done right now not in olden age. He gives more than half of his earnings to the orphanage and added that “Money isn't everything..Heart should be big”.


He wants to purchase land and build house if his economy increases. He conducts pujas during his visits from which money and foods are collected. Upon contacting him via email, he said that he went to foreign country not for himself and his family but for these children.


During the talk session, he said that despite having land and house at koteshowr, his father and mother got married at an early age; 9 and 11 respectively. Superstitious thoughts and beliefs where the face of grandchildren should be seen by grandparents made his parents get married at such a tender age. His mother passed at the age of 18. He was just 3 years old with his 8 months old sister. Untimely death of his mother didn't give him a chance to know and understand her.


After the death of his mother, he stayed with his grandparents while his sister was taken to his maternal uncle's house. After sometime, his father got married. His grandfather passed away when he was 5 years old. His grandfather who loved him lots was Pradhan Pancha (head of the place during Panchayat system in Nepal) of Koteshowr. With the help of grandfather's niece, Muthi Devi Sapkota, he got high school education. With her help, Catherene from Switzerland supported for his education at Amar Adardh School where he stayed at hostel up to 10 years. He is very thankful for the support that Cathere and Muthi didi provided. They are like his mother to him.


His grandmother also passed away after few yrs of his grandfather's death. Then he had no one to love him at his own house. He felt lonely at his home. He was born in a rich family at Koteshowr but was bound to live like an orphan after his mother’s, grandfather’s and grandmother's death. So, he says,” He knows how much a child suffers when his loving mother dies”. He adds, “He wants to earn a lot of money so that the children he has been looking after can get a big relief. He further adds that may his money be utilized for right and good purpose till death and considers these as the real riches. He wants to die only after doing good work”.


In remembrance of his mother, he established Shushila Care and Service Centre which looks after 10 orphans. He helps others whenever possible but complains that hardly any helped him when he was in need except his wife, Nirmala Parajuli who supports him whole heartedly. It wasn’t easy to run the organisation when the country was facing uncertainty, instability and lacked peace. He sees the children as his own kids so he never wants to see them in trouble. Despite all these, there was no escape from frauds but he was more worried about his 10 children and his two daughters than any other thing, he said.


He has been to many European countries, Australia, America, and Canada on his own. He stays at Calgary, Canada but his mind hovers back home for his 10 children. He says, “Everyone should use a proportion of their earnings for right and good purpose. The one who understands others problems and lend a helping hand is a true human being”.


The organisation receives 25 kilograms of rice from his sister, Subhu Lamichhane and his family every month. Raj Kishore Shah pays the children’s school fees. Muthi Devi Sapkota, Suhila Thapliya and other social workers have been helping the organization. His wife, Nirmala Parajuli and two daughters, Shreya and Saloni were looking after the organization for the past few months but they have moved to Candana now to garner help for the organisation. He is seeking help from the Non Resident Nepali in Canada and few Canadian friends who showed positive responses. He received help and sympathy from outsiders other than his blood relations, he said.


The children are studying well and feels home. They have grown up now and do their chores on their own. Not only are they instilled good characters but also facilitated with computer knowledge. The youngest of all, Sobha Gautam, has performed exceptionally well at her studies since she began to study.


He lost his mother at the time when he had to get pampered on warm laps of her. So he doesn’t want such orphans and abandoned children to face the childhood like he did.He wants to look after them with all his heart. Shall we also help?


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