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Regular Doner

Muthi Daan
Before cooking meal every day some of our contributors take a fist of rice which is collected in a bucket. The collected rice are donated to our organization which is known as Muthidaan.We started to receive Muthi Daan since May 2006. Now, we have around 50 people contributing Muthidaan to our organisation which totals to 60 kg of rice every month

Our special thanks goes to Miss.Mithu Devi Sapkota for devoting her time to collect Muthi Daan from door to door. Miss Sapkota is almost seventy years old. She was involved in social service right from her young age. We honour her whole heartedly for contributing to our organisation even at this age.

*Mrs. Sushila Thapaliya

She has been providing food for the children from time to time. During her off days, she goes to the center and loves to spend her time with SCSC kids. Thank you Mrs. Thapaliya for your wonderful feelings with the kids of SCSC.
Mrs. Sushila Thapaliya donated shoes and night dress to the kids of SCSC.

*Mrs. Subu Lamichhne
She has been donating 30 kg of rice every month from August 2006.

*Mr. Raj Shah
He has been donating (NRS 1000.00) and One every month for monthly school fees of SCSC kids since June 2008.

*Mr. Madan Mahat
He has been donating fruits once a month since May, 2008.

*Ms. Dikshya Shrestha
She often donates vegetables since April 2008.


* Mr. Osho maitri of Nepal. Donated ten sets of school dress to the children in November 2007.

*Mr. Osho Maitri of Nepal. Donated (NRS. 10735) for children school admission of 2009. in May 4th, 2009.

*Nexus International Academy School
It has been providing 50% scholarship to the kids of SCSC since April 2006.

*Voluntary society Nepal (Mr. Sugandha Shrestha)
Providing us voluntary support and vegetables since January 2007.

*Mr. Ashok Rauniyar
  Kathmandu, Nepal, He donated Tiffin carrier to the kids.



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