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Other Countries

Miss. Bulu Bista of New York, USA
Donated (USD dollars 500.00) in May,2004

Jon and Caroline
Donated stationary items to the kids of SCSC during their two-months-voluntary service.

Chan of Ireland
Donated 10 sets clothes, cold drinks, drawing papers, badminton, chocolates, horlicks and fruits during her working period and voluntary service which was for a month.

Alex of Germany
Donated clothes, fruits, chocolates, biscuit, five school bags,school shoes, slippers and blankets during his one-month-voluntary service.

Andrea of Colombia
Donated some clothes, chocolates and volunteered for 15 days.

Elina of USA
Donated some clothes and provided health check-up for SCSC kids atleast once a week during her volunteer period of three weeks.

Gen of USA
Donated drawing note pads and colours during his volunteer period of 7 days.

Mr. Deepak Gurung of Chungking Mansions, Hong Kung
Donated school dress equivalent of (NRS: 14242.00) grocery of equivalent to (NRS: 5913.00) total (NRS: 20155.00) in May 2009.

Mr. Deepak Gurung of Chungking Mansions, Hong Kung

Donated grocery of equivalent to (NRS: 9330.00) in August 2009.

Jon and Caroline Lea from London, United Kingdom                                                                                                      started to donation every month  GBP 100 ( Approximately  = CAD 175) from September 2009.


Ms Mary Tenent of Congo. Donated  USD$100 in Jan 25, 2010
Mr. Monsi Chenthiyethu of Congo Donated $50 in Jan 25,2010
Mr. Gunalan Sarvan of Congo Donated $50 in Jan 25,2010

Mr. Ibrahim Sidibe of Congo Donated $50 in Jan 25, 2010

Mr. Langis Lango of Congo Donated $ 50 in Jan 25, 2010





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