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Future Program

Support to build school

"Better education today for better lives tomorrow", someone has rightly said.
Majority of the places are remote in the context of Nepal.  To move from one place to another, one needs to walk for days because of the lack of road ways.These people face a lot of hardship to earn a living. Difficult to believe but true, some may not have seen what a school looks like. Despite upteem efforts from many NGOs, INGOs and donor agencies to build schools in such areas, have not fully covered all the places of Nepal.There is still a lot to do in this field. Students walk for hours to reach school from their home in these areas. One among them is a government school at Baaglung, Nepal

It is 250km away from Kathmandu. It is one among the villages of Nepal where very few people are literate. The total population is Six thousand. The village has only one government school which runs classes from grade 1 to 10.About 500 students study in this school at different levels. Students walk for almost an hour on average from nearby villages namely Lamdaanda, Khilung, Chuirekharka, Dhapuk, Khalte, Keware, Khorbar and Chhahare to attend school. The school building is not sufficient to facilitate such a big number of students. On the top of that, the building is likely to collapse anytime. So, there is an urgent need to construct the school building.


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