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Who We are?

The inspiration for Sushila Care & Service Center (SCSC) came to the founder Mr. Bhuwan Parajuli, from the sudden death of his mother when he was still an enfant. As he grew older he was deprived of the motherly care, as he was longing for motherhood and tender loving care in his formative years and could easily understand how other motherless children spent their lives carrying the excruciating pang of untold suffering. It was during his innocent years, he knew the pain. Thus, this care centre was born as an expression of society’s solidarity to other orphans by showing them that "we are still with you" and as an epitome of the honor owed to motherhood in society.

SCSC came into operation from the 1st of September 2003 when a three-storied building was rented. There are currently twelve children with ages ranging from three years to eleven years old. The facility is capable of sheltering up to 35 children depending on the finances available at any given point in time.

What we do

We provide a loving home for orphan and abandoned children with parental care for their holistic development including physical, intellectual and emotional well being in a loving and safe environment in accordance to their rights.
The main objectives are to provide healthcare, counseling, qualitative education, healthy shelter, secure and independent future and other parental care. And also encourage local people to actively participate in these children's development so that they can work together for such children’s welfare in future and encourage oneself to contribute something to the community which can prove to be fruitful for a better world.

Future Programs
1. Orphan Home and School
2. Support to build school
3. Technology Support
4. Culture Program

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